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Founded in 2019, JACESTORY is a one-stop online gift shop in Malaysia featuring thoughtfully curated gift sets. We aim at creating unique gifting experiences for all occasions.


Curated Gift Set 精选礼盒

Gift Set

🎁 Personalised Gift 定制礼物

🎁 Corporate Gift 商务礼物

🎁 Graduation Gift 毕业礼物

🎁 Birthday Gift 生日礼物

🎁 Door Gift 伴手礼

And many more...

Getting the unique and practical gift sets for the special ones can be so easy, just a few clicks away.

Every gift set is a wish for your happiness. We not only create gift sets but also create the stories between you and your loved ones.

Pamper yourself!

Surprise your loved ones! 🥰